TRADE UNION OF EMPLOYEES IN PRISONS IN BULGARIA (TUEPB)  

                                  Ivaylovsko Shose Str, – the Prison, Pazardzhik e-mail:
                                   Chairman’s deputy: +359892232965 , Chairman: +359892232968


TRADE UNION OF EMPLOYEES IN PRISONS IN BULGARIA (TUEPB)  has been registered in accordance to determination No 56 / 27.04.2009 on company file No 22 / 2009 of the Pazardzhik District Court, BULSTAT No 175676826, main office and management address – town of Pazardzhik – the Prison.

The association is a body corporate and it has been constituted in favor of private persons, as provided in the Corporate Bodies with Non-Business Purposes Law, as a Trade Union. The association has been created on the grounds of independence principles as well as voluntarily membership, members’ equity, democratic determination of purposes and joined realization of those purposes, organizational and financial independence of the association, syndicate solidarity, elect ability and mandate ability of the governing bodies.

The main purpose of the association is to stand for and defend the basic social, economical and labour interests and rights of its members in the field of labour, employment, employment and official relations, social and health insurance, safety, support, providing a higher living standard and professional realization in observing the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, the legislation in force, conventions of the International Labour Organization as well as other international agreements, a party of which is the Republic of Bulgaria.

At present, there are 10 associations, which are part of the Prison Employees’ Trade Union in Bulgaria and about 600-700 members, mainly from the supervisory and guarding staff of Chief Administration “Sentence Serving” which is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice.

The TRADE UNION OF EMPLOYEES IN PRISONS IN BULGARIA (TUEPB) wishes to establish partnerships with other similar organizations abroad.

Ivan Petrov,

Chairman of the Management Board of PETUB

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